Mindex Training Survey

Thank you for attending one of our training events.  Please help us serve you better by taking a minute to tell us about the training you received.
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Section 1 | Course Content

Were your expectations for the content of the course met? *

Overall, how satisfied were you with the training manuals *

Please provide any comments or suggestions to help us improve the course content

Section 2 | Presenter

Was the course presented in an understandable and clear manner? *

Was it easy to follow along with the presenter?

Was the presenter skilled in the content of the course? *

Was the presenter able to answer your questions? *

Were you given enough opportunity to ask questions?

Any other comments or tips for our presenters?

Section 3 | Venue

Was the venue clean and tidy? *

Did you receive enough water and snacks?

Was the venue well suited for training?

Was the equipment (laptop, writing utensils, presentation equipment) sufficient?

Any other comments or tips to help us improve our training venues?

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